Finding Balance

I have been working extremely hard at school.  As most of you know I am working toward earning my Doctorate degree and it has been beyond mentally draining!  As part of the program I have to write a dissertation.  Most students struggle with developing a dissertation idea and have a hard time even getting going on the research for their dissertation.  Not me.  I have a zillion ideas and I could explode!  However, while I was printing a number of previous research articles (I know it is not eco-friendly, but I am so old-school with some things) I realized that I was not honoring myself.  You see, the concept I have for my dissertation is related to creativity and the work place.  Sounds fascinating, right?  As I watched my printer print the word “creativity” over and over again I had this ephiny…I was not honoring my creative instincts.

At some point this past winter I lost myself in the winter blues – which was a long period of time since it was an extremely long winter in the North.  I moved throughout a day doing what was expected of me; completing my housework, schoolwork, and loving my family.  Notice how I didn’t mention taking care of my creative me?  I had no balance.

I have discovered that life is about balance.  Too much of something is never good.  Whatever you have too much of you eventually become tired of.  It was like my Special K bar kick last summer.  I loved those things.  I got into the habit of eating one everyday…now I can’t stand the sight of them!  I had TOO MUCH!  I believe balance is one of the most important pieces to living playfully and peacefully.  Honoring all parts of yourself and caring for each one creates balance.  Sometimes one part of you might need a little more attention than another part.  Give that part of you what it needs.  Don’t question or hesitate.  Honor and balance.  Live playfully and peacefully each day!

A relaxing night on the patio.  Creating a little balance in my life!

A relaxing night on the patio. Creating a little balance in my life!

Judgments & Journeys

I was having lunch with a friend the other day when she made a comment about society being highly “judgmental.”  In the context of this conversation she was referring to being judged for her tattoos and piercings.  I have continued to think about this statement for the past couple of days, and I have to agree with her.  Why are we such a judgmental society?  Who are we to judge other people when we don’t know the story of their journey?

Her comment about judgments resonated with because of an experience I had a couple of weeks ago.  I attended a class for my Doctoral program.  When I entered the room I immediately became aware of the fact that I was clearly the youngest person in the room, I had visible tattoos and body piercings, and I was wearing the most casual clothing (which was permitted) in the classroom.  What really stuck out for me was a couple of hours after class started and I looked around the room – everyone sat with their black laptops, black Ipads, and black roller-bags….and I sat with my bright pink laptop, pink Ipad, and zebra print bag.  I could literally feel the judgment from the other students, but I thought to myself “I have worked my butt off, I am a successful business woman at a young age, I DESERVE to be here as much as they do, and I choose not to conform.”  By the end of the five-day class the group had bonded, judgments had passed, and I remained unchanged.

The moral of the story is we need to stop and think people as people – not stereotypes or judgments.  We need to look beyond the piercings, tattoos, age, hairstyle, clothing, etc. and see the person in front of us.  Just because other people may not “conform” to what is acceptable does not mean they are “bad” – they are just fabulously unique!

By the way – after my friend and I finished lunch we went and got more body piercings!  We are who we are!



Magical Me Makeover Day 6 Questions

Today we are digging a little deeper into ourselves…I want you to explore your inner child.  What does your inner child look like?  What is his/her name?  What does your inner child like to eat?  Hobbies?  How does your inner child feel?  What makes your inner child scared?  Angry? Sad?  Happy?  What does your inner child fear the most?  What does your inner child daydream about?  What does your inner child want to be when he/she grows up?


My Favorite Superhero/Villain

I am not a big fan of superheros or villains.  My children, however, love them.  I have always been drawn to one character, a villain, Poison Ivy.  Poison Ivy has always had a mysterious way about her.  She is sexy, seductive, and an eco-terrorist.  She uses natural resources versus manufactured items as her weapon.  At one point, Poison Ivy creates a beautiful island full of botanical plants, and plans to live there is happiness until it is destroyed.

Poison Ivy strikes me as a villain who is looking for something in her life, but continues to fail at finding it.  When she does, it is destroyed, indicating she is doomed to fail.  She continues to fight back, and never gives up.  Poison Ivy is often betrayed by her “friends,” but continues to care for them (by not killing Harley Quinn).

Interestingly enough, Poison Ivy was created by her professor, named Jason (my hubby’s name), and she is best friends with villain, Harley Quinn (Harley is my daughter’s name).  That is strictly coincidence and not planned on my part.


Magical Me Makeover Day 5

Day 5 of the Magical Me Makeover is here!  So the question today is who is your favorite superhero or villain?  What draws you to him/her?  What qualities do he/she have that you like?  What is his/her weakness?  Where does he/she go to relax?  If you had your hero’s or villain’s powers for one day what would you do with it?

Is that Superman or Captain America?

Is that Superman or Captain America?

My Favorite Cartoon Character

I have never been a big cartoon lover.  Even when I as a child I did not get up early on Saturday mornings to watch the cartoons.  It wasn’t until I had my first child did I fall in love with a cartoon character – in fact five cartoon characters.  My daughter began watching “The Backyardigans” when she was 16 months old (yes I let my child under the age of five watch TV).  They were on everyday at 11:00 am, and they were like her best friends!  She made up a dance, and she cried when the show was done.  She loved them – and so did I.

The concept of “The Backyardigans” was fabulous!  There were five friends; Tyrone, Tasha, Uniqua, Austin and, my favorite, Pablo, who all met in the backyard to play each day.  Their backyard transformed into whatever their imaginations created!  They were pirates, deep-sea divers, astronauts – you name it they imagined it!  The show integrated dance, creativity and, of course, a life lesson into every episode.  When they were done playing it was time for a snack.  I loved it!  The concept was great!

So in answering my question for the day…what I liked about these cartoon characters was their ability to freely imagine, play, and learn – exactly what a child (and person) should be doing!  They were caring, friendly and excited – except Tasha – she was always the friend who had to have her way (who doesn’t have one of those), but was quickly taught that wasn’t how to behave.  These cartoon characters believed in themselves, and that they could accomplish anything.

“The Backyardigans” is no longer on a regular viewing schedule, but when I am flipping channels and happen to run across it all three kids, and even my husband, run in to watch it.  We love that show!  It will always be a part of our household:)

picture taken from

picture taken from


Magical Me Makeover Day 4

The big question today is….who is your favorite cartoon character?  Why?  What attributes do you like about your favorite cartoon character?  What are areas of growth for them?  Why do you relate to that cartoon character?  Is there any lessons you have learned from your favorite cartoon character?

image from

image from

Magical Me Makeover Day 3 Questions

Who is your favorite musician/band/musical artist?  What draws you to their music?  What draws you to them as a person/people?  Do you dislike anything about them?  How do you feel when you listen to their music?  Does it bring back any memories?  Notice your body sensations as you think about listening to their music.  What is your body telling you?


KISS showed up to my Halloween party one year!


The real members of KISSphoto taken from

The real members of KISS
photo taken from

My Favorite Toy

Growing up I remember my favorite toy as my Barbie dream house.  My mother still has the dream house, intact, in her basement.  My children play with it when they visit grandma’s house.  What I loved about the Barbie dream house was the ability to set the furniture up however I wanted.  I could put the couch in the kitchen and the bed in the bathroom.  There were no rules or boundaries.  It was my house and I made the decisions.  I lived in a world of creativity and originality.  The Barbie dream house had its limitations, however.  It was a two-story house, and there were no stairs or elevator.  I was frustrated at times because my dream house wasn’t a reality.  I was reminded that even though it was called a “dream house” it still had its imperfections.

Last Christmas Santa left my daughter a Barbie dream house.  It is still just as magical to me…..and Santa’s elves even put in an elevator:)


This is what my Barbie dream house looks like. Mine is a lot more played with. It is missing 90% of the outside plants!


Magical Me Makeover Day 2 Questions

Day 1 of the Magical Me Makeover has been exciting!  Let’s move on to Day 2!  Here are the questions for your reflection!

What was your favorite toy as a child?  What did you like about it?  What happened to it?  Do you still have it?  What were the positive aspects of that toy?  Negative aspects?

My girl with her American Girl doll...she loves that doll so much!

My girl with her American Girl doll…she loves that doll so much!