Kindergarten Taught Me All I Needed To Know…

A fun fact about me is that I start each day with a cup of coffee, the news, and my rocking chair.  While I rock in my chair and sip my coffee I hear words of hatred, death, and fighting on the newscast.  I ask myself “why do I want to watch the news each morning?  Is this really how I want to start my day?”  The answer is no, yet I continue to do it.  Am I hoping that one morning I will turn on the news and find that one country baked cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles for another country as a peace-offering?  Maybe.  I just wonder what life would be like if we remembered what we all learned in Kindergarten….

First, we learned how to play nice in the sandbox.  If you didn’t play nice – you didn’t get to play.  Throwing of sand, and taking of shovels was not permitted.  It was simple – you play mean = you don’t get to play.  You sat quietly outside the sandbox and watched the other children play.

Secondly, I truly believe the teachers were onto something with the nap time theory.  Young children (heck even adults) get cranky when they are tired.  When people are cranky they have a tendency to snap at or be rude to other people.  A well-rested individual is in much better spirits to play in the sandbox.  I am just saying….

Third, we had snack time.  This is really the same concept as above.  A full tummy is a happy person.  It is way more fun to play in the sandbox with a happy person.

Fourth, ALL the children’s art was beautiful.  There was no judgement.  Heck, I cut out an apple in Kindergarten that looked like a square, but boy did that apple look perfect to my teacher and parents! (My mom still has that apple).

And lastly, don’t eat paste (do they even still use paste)?  Some things may look appealing on the outside, but when you get into the goo of it all, it really just leaves a sour taste in your mouth.  Yes – I am referring to HATE and HATEFUL words.

So you see, life could be more simple if we all remembered what we learned in Kindergarten.

First day of school!!!

Teach Love and Respect – Not Hate and Hurts

In society there appears to be so much anger.  I determined today that I dislike the word “tolerance.”  Someone said today “I have taught my children tolerate gay people.”  Say what?  The definition of to tolerate something or someone means that you “allow the existence, occurrence or practice of something without interference” (  First of all, who is anyone to “allow” something.  Each individual has the right to make their own choices, and they should not to worried about whether or not the person sitting next to them is “allowing it without interference.”  Seriously!  I feel that a better word is respect.  In society we should be teaching our children to live in a world where they respect and love one another – not hate and hurt each other.  We need to recognize that everyone has different beliefs, morals, values, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, etc.  We need to teach our children to be open to other people’s opinions.  Does that mean that they should change their beliefs.  No!  It just means that everyone should be allowed to speak freely, love freely and live freely without the fear of retaliation from another human.  We should not be “tolerating” – we should be RESPECTING.

My boys sharing the love!