A Cup of Hollywood

Within the past year I found my favorite place in the world.  It is simple really – it wasn’t Italy, Australia or the exotic rainforest.  It was Hollywood.

If you have never visited Hollywood, like I had not, you picture all the glitz and glamour that is portrayed on television.  The red carpet, the stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame, and limousines with famous people riding in the back them.  Yes, this is Hollywood – on a night of a new movie premier.  On a daily basis Hollywood presents a much different culture, which is what made it my favorite place in the world.

When you stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame you see many sights.  It goes a little like this:  wax museum, tour bus (to visit the stars home), porn shop with stripper clothes, restaurant, wax museum, tour bus, porn shop, restaurant – and so on.  Mixed into the fabulous sites is a plethora of filth, poverty and garbage.  So why is this my favorite place on earth?  Hollywood has an energy that cannot be described.  It is filled with people chasing their dreams with a hope that they will, one day, come true.  You can actually feel the buzz of energy in the air.  It is so inspiring and freeing to be in Hollywood.  I can spend hours in Hollywood taking it all in.

We all need a favorite place to go.  A place that we feel refreshed and inspired.  A place that opens our hearts and honors our creativity.  A place bouncing with so much energy that you can actually feel the buzz in the air.  Hollywood fills my cup of creativity.  Where do you fill your cup of creativity?  What gifts does it offer you?  Do you feel like you are floating on a cloud when you are there?  If so – that is your place.  Soak it in.  Use the energy to inspire you and fill your cup of creativity.  Live your dreams without fear – like those who went to Hollywood.

Me on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Iron Man!

Why Not Adopt Yoga Pants and Slippers Corporate America?

Yoga pants and slippers.  I love yoga pants and slippers.  Think about yoga pants for a minute.  They stretch and move with ease.  They don’t constrict or squish.  Slippers are another fantastic clothing item.  They hug your feet and make them feel cozy.  I  do all my best work in slippers and yoga pants.  So that poses my question….who designed the societal rule of “professional corporate America.”  Seriously, think about it just for a minute.

Each morning I watch my husband rise out of bed, shower, shave and dress for his job.  He is so careful to pick out his clothing – a dress shirt, dress pants, tie, black socks (we don’t want the Michael Jackson look) and dress shoes.  He rushes out the door and is off for the day.  So what is the first thing he does when he gets home?  He changes his clothes into a t-shirt and comfy pants. Why?  Because he is more comfortable in those clothes.  So that brings me to my big thought of the day.  When we go to our job each day, why don’t we get to wear clothes that we are comfortable in?  I mean, your employer is always wanting your “best work,” so why do they require a “dress code” such as “corporate casual.”  And who invented those pantyhose for under woman’s skirts – could anything else be more uncomfortable and constricting?  If our employers want our best work and want productivity, then why can’t we wear yoga pants and slippers to work?

Let me clarify that I do believe that there should be some boundaries around clothing at work – or society in general, such as a tattoo that says “F#@* You” on your forehead (seriously I saw that on a guy at Wal-Mart one time – that is whole different topic in itself).  But if your employer wants your best work, your best thought process or your most creative idea, why not be comfortable?

I do my best work in slippers and yoga pants.  I am wearing them right now, in fact.  I feel free, relaxed and open to write what comes to my mind.  Guess who else did great work in slippers….Albert Einstein.  Yep, believe it.  In the 2012 exhibit at the Historical Society of Princeton of “Einstein at Home” a rare picture of him sitting on his porch in…fuzzy slippers!  He apparently did his best work in slippers as well!

For those of you that just can’t get out of the dress-up for work routine, even when it is casual day – take the risk – wear something casual on casual day!  Notice your productivity for that day – I can almost guarantee that it will soar!  If you can’t bring yourself to celebrate casual day at work, start small.  I DARE you to wear your yoga pants and slippers all weekend.  Feel the liberation and freedom while you wear them.  Honor the yoga pants and slippers. They can be your smarty-pants or your sassy-pants.  They can be whatever you want them to be.  Just be prepared for the rush of freedom you feel when you put them on!  It might even feel a little “naughty….”  Besides, who said yoga pants were meant only for yoga?

Image excerpted from www.nj.com