Teach Love and Respect – Not Hate and Hurts

In society there appears to be so much anger.  I determined today that I dislike the word “tolerance.”  Someone said today “I have taught my children tolerate gay people.”  Say what?  The definition of to tolerate something or someone means that you “allow the existence, occurrence or practice of something without interference” (Google.com).  First of all, who is anyone to “allow” something.  Each individual has the right to make their own choices, and they should not to worried about whether or not the person sitting next to them is “allowing it without interference.”  Seriously!  I feel that a better word is respect.  In society we should be teaching our children to live in a world where they respect and love one another – not hate and hurt each other.  We need to recognize that everyone has different beliefs, morals, values, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, etc.  We need to teach our children to be open to other people’s opinions.  Does that mean that they should change their beliefs.  No!  It just means that everyone should be allowed to speak freely, love freely and live freely without the fear of retaliation from another human.  We should not be “tolerating” – we should be RESPECTING.

My boys sharing the love!

For the Love of Feetie Jammies

Over the past weekend I took some time for some much-needed rest and relaxation with the family.  I wanted to take in every last drop of summer before my children returned to school for yet another year.  During that time I realized that the simple parts of my life were absent and had been for a majority of the summer.  So what did I do about it?  Bought some FEETIE JAMMIES.

Yep.  You got it.  Those great pajamas with the full bodysuit, fuzzy bottoms and the zipper all the way up the front!  Not only were they great, but they were fun – I bought zebra print ones with ZEBRA heads as the feet!  I slipped into those and suddenly felt a rush of child-like energy!  Responsibilities?  What responsibilities?  I wanted to play in my feetie jammies!  I found myself releasing all the tension and negative energy that surrounded me.  My children giggled when they saw me and then asked if they could go put theirs on…of course I said yes!  It was a feetie jammie party!

Feetie jammies are not something you “outgrow.”  They sell them in the stores for adults, but many of us choose not to wear them.  Adults think it is all about what is “mature” and “appropriate” when we are all “grown up.”  Blah, blah blah, I say.  You cannot “outgrow” anything because it is always a part of you.  You may try to push it deep down in a hiding place inside your memory, but when it is triggered it comes rushing all the way back out of you – and at a stronger rate because you were repressing it.  Just enjoy those parts of you.  Honor them.  Don’t repress them.  Wear the feetie jammies with pride (and comfort).  Feel the energy of your playful inner child.  Let that child come out and play.  I bet you will find yourself to be a happier adult.