Excuse me? Have you seen my sunglasses?

Summer is a time for retreats, relaxation and fun in the sun.  However, this past summer for me was a time of discovery. I discovered something about myself that had been there all along, but I had just not seen it until now.  It was so simple and silly…

It all started with the first bright sun of the summer.  I was excited – I love the sun and feel so happy and healthy in its presence.  I busted out my one of my two pair of purple sunglasses (I could not find the second pair, which I preferred over this pair) and drove to my destination (work).  As always I threw my sunglasses in the seat of my car when I arrived.  When I returned to my car later that day I packed my bags away and jumped into my seat only to hear a loud…CRACK.  This wasn’t anything new – I typically break 4-5 pairs of sunglasses a summer.  Little did I know that my discovery had begun.

A couple of weeks later, my wonderful husband and I then headed out on a trip to California.  I had purchased new sunglasses, the $2.50 ones in the Target cheapie aisle.  I wore those cheap, black sunglasses the entire trip, and had no problems, until a week after we returned.  CRACK – yep – sat on those ones as well.  So the discovery continued….

I then purchased a fabulous pair of sunglasses that I absolutely loved!  I wore them an entire weekend while visiting my father, and then decided to take them with me on a quick overnight trip to Minneapolis the following weekend.  We were meeting up my husband’s long lost nephew.  I was looking fabulous (at least I felt like I was looking fabulous – I had even took a risk on jeggings, you know jean leggings and I totally pulled it off).  I felt that the sunglasses added to the outfit so I grabbed them and put them on  – (my head – not my face – I didn’t want to ruin my make-up).  We had some drinks and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  During dinner, I set my sunglasses on the table.  My wonderful husband noticed my placement of the sunglasses and commented “don’t leave those there,” to which I responded with a little irritation “I won’t.”  One cab ride to uptown and guess what – I LEFT my sunglasses at the restaurant and didn’t realize it until the next stop….seriously!  This pair of sunglasses I only had one week!

So yet again, I purchase my fourth pair of sunglasses for the summer because I have destroyed or lost all my other ones.  I have now had this pair for almost 2 weeks – they are in decent shape, however I did squish them when I hit my head on the door frame of the car earlier this week (totally another story).  While riding in the car that same day, I began looking for the garage door opener.  I pop open the “sunglasses” holder on my car and what do I discover?  My missing sunglasses.  The “missing” preferred pair in which started my entire summer sunglasses fiasco!  And they were in what?  The sunglasses holder – where they should be, but who looks there?  REALLY?!

So what was my discovery?  My discovery was that everyone has a “thing.”  My “thing” is breaking or losing sunglasses.  Each summer as long as I can remember I have broken every pair of sunglasses I have owned – heck – I have even broke other people’s sunglasses (my hubby won’t let me near his).  It even goes back to when I was a small child – I broke my big yellow sunglasses and wore them without lenses for many months after.  I am sure my mom kept those yellow sunglasses.  They are on my face in every picture.

Everyone has a “thing.”  Whether it be a big “thing” or a small “thing.”  It is a part of you that makes you who you are.  Now instead of becoming frustrated and thinking to myself that I broke or lost “yet another pair of sunglasses,” I laugh to myself.  I just remind myself that it is my “thing.”  I honor it, embrace it and enjoy it.  My name is Nikki Ross and I have a problem with sunglasses….maybe I should buy some stock in a sunglasses company.

Innocence & Discovery

Six years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  At this time exactly I was in terrible pain and thinking that he would never arrive. Then at 9:48 pm he finally made his appearance into the world in style – his arms above his head like he was flying in the air!  I knew he would be my little superhero.  As I look at him today, wearing his Batman costume and repeating “I am Batman” in a gruffy voice I think about his innocence and his hunger to learn.  Why do we lose that innocence and hunger to learn as we grow into adulthood.  When did it become unacceptable to play?

I have many fond memories of my little man as he has grown.  My favorite is the day he discovered dog poop.  You see, Creed (my son) has wanted to learn about new things as long as I can remember.  He is the “WHY?” kid in every group – you know the kids who won’t shut up until all his questions are answered to his standards and he is satisfied.  Well anyway – the day he discovered dog poop was like any other day.  We were outside as a family playing in the yard.  Creed began to wander around, and as a good mother, I honored his desire to explore and followed at a distance.  As I followed, I noticed he stopped and picked something up in the yard, which looked like a rock.  He analyzed his discovery while I continued to walk toward him.  Upon my approach he had the biggest smile on his face, like he discovered gold.  He proudly held up his treasure to give to me……which I then realized was DOG POOP!

Now the morale of this story is not that you should allow your child to play with dog poop, but that you should live each day as a mission: a mission to discover new things, or to notice the simple things you have been missing.  (And yes, I did educate him that it was dog poop and that it was to be left on the ground).  More often than not, as adults, we get ourselves into mundane routines, wake-up, coffee, work, housework, bed….and we are not taking the time to explore and discover – we are too uptight and rigid.  There is so much out there to explore and discover, and it is OK to PLAY!

Throughout my period of “slowing down” I have learned not to be so uptight – so yes, I am the lady who lets her child wear costumes to grocery shopping.  Why?  Because in our busy life it is sometimes easier to be innocent and play.  When we are innocent and play we DISCOVER new things about ourselves.


Creed as “The Flash”

Hello Playful People!

Hello all you playful, wonderful people!

So I started a blog.  I figured that anyone can start a blog so why not me.   What would a better way to chatter on and on without interruption than a blog.  I have so much to talk about and share!  I plan on writing about thoughts and wonderations (I made that word up….you know…instead of “wondering” something, you ask “out of wonderation…”).  I will share my strong one-sided opinions on various topics and musings as well as challenge you on your thoughts on life.  I want this blog to fun, silly and freeing for you.  I want it to be a journey for you.  Like those road trips where all three of your best friends decide it is the perfect time to jump in the car, drive across country, with no money, no clothes packed and no plans – you just take what the journey gives you and honor it (but only if you are 18 years or older – this blog does not condone rebellious teenagers disobeying their parents)!  So follow me, comment, read me everyday or once a week…do what your body tells you to do, but enjoy the blog like a big, gooey hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream and cherries on top!


Live Playfully and Peacefully,