Missing in Action

I have been missing in action for about three and a half years.  My life has completely changed, and I look forward to sharing my newest works with you all!  Stay tuned!!


Technology moves so fast.  A trend I have noticed related to the increase in technology is a reduction in communication and social skills among society.  People are choosing to e-mail, Facebook, or text versus making a phone call.  I will admit, I tend to text rather than making a phone call.  Texting takes less time (which we all know is valuable) and avoids an off-topic conversation…but there is a huge loss in personal connection.  Does this lead to less intimate relationships?  I think so, but that is a whole different topic.  My issue is the social skills related to texting…..

I have a number of friends who text versus making a phone call.  I am completely fine with this.  What I am a not fine with is a lack of social etiquette while texting….what I call textiquette.  Think of it like this; when you are in the middle of a phone conversation your don’t just hang up.  How many times have you been texting someone and they just stop texting, don’t indicate they are done with the conversation, and you may or may not hear from them again for another week?  I am sorry my friends, but I have a few of you that do that to me….on a regular basis.  A simple “ttyl,” “brb,” or “:)” would suffice the end of a conversation, but to drop off and not text back is not good social skills.  I would not even care if you told me to stop texting!  We all know there is a natural ending to a conversation – this is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about when one person asks a question or a flow of conversation is going and BAM!  Gone.  Done.  No indication of the end of conversation.  An “eoc” (end of conversation) would be fine with me.  Anything to indicate we are done texting.

This idea of textiquette leads to my other thought about texting…if we just continuously communicate only via electronic means we are not stimulating our social skills.  If we can’t follow basic textiquette when we are communicating electronically, then chances are we can’t follow basic social etiquette.  I think about the wonderful adolescents taking my orders at a restaurant (seriously – our future – and I am raising one right now).  When I engage in basic social etiquette it is often not reciprocated.  I get the blank stare (you all know exactly what I am talking about).  We have to encourage our children to engage in social interactions, teach them how to engage, and find a balance between technology and personal connection.  We have to practice what we preach.  Next time you are texting think about textiquette.  Are you practicing it or are your social skills lacking in that area?  How is your lack of textiquette carrying over into real life?

Finding Balance

I have been working extremely hard at school.  As most of you know I am working toward earning my Doctorate degree and it has been beyond mentally draining!  As part of the program I have to write a dissertation.  Most students struggle with developing a dissertation idea and have a hard time even getting going on the research for their dissertation.  Not me.  I have a zillion ideas and I could explode!  However, while I was printing a number of previous research articles (I know it is not eco-friendly, but I am so old-school with some things) I realized that I was not honoring myself.  You see, the concept I have for my dissertation is related to creativity and the work place.  Sounds fascinating, right?  As I watched my printer print the word “creativity” over and over again I had this ephiny…I was not honoring my creative instincts.

At some point this past winter I lost myself in the winter blues – which was a long period of time since it was an extremely long winter in the North.  I moved throughout a day doing what was expected of me; completing my housework, schoolwork, and loving my family.  Notice how I didn’t mention taking care of my creative me?  I had no balance.

I have discovered that life is about balance.  Too much of something is never good.  Whatever you have too much of you eventually become tired of.  It was like my Special K bar kick last summer.  I loved those things.  I got into the habit of eating one everyday…now I can’t stand the sight of them!  I had TOO MUCH!  I believe balance is one of the most important pieces to living playfully and peacefully.  Honoring all parts of yourself and caring for each one creates balance.  Sometimes one part of you might need a little more attention than another part.  Give that part of you what it needs.  Don’t question or hesitate.  Honor and balance.  Live playfully and peacefully each day!

A relaxing night on the patio.  Creating a little balance in my life!

A relaxing night on the patio. Creating a little balance in my life!

Magical Me Makeover Day 6 Questions

Today we are digging a little deeper into ourselves…I want you to explore your inner child.  What does your inner child look like?  What is his/her name?  What does your inner child like to eat?  Hobbies?  How does your inner child feel?  What makes your inner child scared?  Angry? Sad?  Happy?  What does your inner child fear the most?  What does your inner child daydream about?  What does your inner child want to be when he/she grows up?


My Favorite Superhero/Villain

I am not a big fan of superheros or villains.  My children, however, love them.  I have always been drawn to one character, a villain, Poison Ivy.  Poison Ivy has always had a mysterious way about her.  She is sexy, seductive, and an eco-terrorist.  She uses natural resources versus manufactured items as her weapon.  At one point, Poison Ivy creates a beautiful island full of botanical plants, and plans to live there is happiness until it is destroyed.

Poison Ivy strikes me as a villain who is looking for something in her life, but continues to fail at finding it.  When she does, it is destroyed, indicating she is doomed to fail.  She continues to fight back, and never gives up.  Poison Ivy is often betrayed by her “friends,” but continues to care for them (by not killing Harley Quinn).

Interestingly enough, Poison Ivy was created by her professor, named Jason (my hubby’s name), and she is best friends with villain, Harley Quinn (Harley is my daughter’s name).  That is strictly coincidence and not planned on my part.


Magical Me Makeover Day 5

Day 5 of the Magical Me Makeover is here!  So the question today is who is your favorite superhero or villain?  What draws you to him/her?  What qualities do he/she have that you like?  What is his/her weakness?  Where does he/she go to relax?  If you had your hero’s or villain’s powers for one day what would you do with it?

Is that Superman or Captain America?

Is that Superman or Captain America?

My Favorite Cartoon Character

I have never been a big cartoon lover.  Even when I as a child I did not get up early on Saturday mornings to watch the cartoons.  It wasn’t until I had my first child did I fall in love with a cartoon character – in fact five cartoon characters.  My daughter began watching “The Backyardigans” when she was 16 months old (yes I let my child under the age of five watch TV).  They were on everyday at 11:00 am, and they were like her best friends!  She made up a dance, and she cried when the show was done.  She loved them – and so did I.

The concept of “The Backyardigans” was fabulous!  There were five friends; Tyrone, Tasha, Uniqua, Austin and, my favorite, Pablo, who all met in the backyard to play each day.  Their backyard transformed into whatever their imaginations created!  They were pirates, deep-sea divers, astronauts – you name it they imagined it!  The show integrated dance, creativity and, of course, a life lesson into every episode.  When they were done playing it was time for a snack.  I loved it!  The concept was great!

So in answering my question for the day…what I liked about these cartoon characters was their ability to freely imagine, play, and learn – exactly what a child (and person) should be doing!  They were caring, friendly and excited – except Tasha – she was always the friend who had to have her way (who doesn’t have one of those), but was quickly taught that wasn’t how to behave.  These cartoon characters believed in themselves, and that they could accomplish anything.

“The Backyardigans” is no longer on a regular viewing schedule, but when I am flipping channels and happen to run across it all three kids, and even my husband, run in to watch it.  We love that show!  It will always be a part of our household:)

picture taken from www.tvlistings.zap2it.com

picture taken from www.tvlistings.zap2it.com


Magical Me Makeover Day 4

The big question today is….who is your favorite cartoon character?  Why?  What attributes do you like about your favorite cartoon character?  What are areas of growth for them?  Why do you relate to that cartoon character?  Is there any lessons you have learned from your favorite cartoon character?

image from dan-dare.org

image from dan-dare.org

My Favorite Music/Band

I struggle with identifying my favorite band.  I have liked a large variety of music for different reasons throughout my life.  The first music I remember listening to was Queen.  My father played “We Will Rock You” while I rocked on my rocking horse when I was only three years old.  I loved the beat of the music while I whipped back and forth on that rocking horse.  It felt so freeing – almost like I was flying!

When I was eight or nine years old I remember my twin uncles playing “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard, which has become an iconic song.  I loved that song.  It had that awesome rock feeling that made you want to wear ripped jeans, red bandanas, and use a lot of hairspray!  Hearing it now brings me back to that feeling of anything goes.

When I began to discover my own types of music I first enjoyed the New Kids on the Block.  They were my first band I loved.  I had posters, big pins, all the tapes, books, pajamas – yes, I was a “blockhead.”  I still enjoy the music of NKOTB on my ipod, and when I listen to it I am reminded of the power of my decisions.  I made the decision to like NKTOB, and it was the first major decision in my life.  I was committed as a fan.  I now  realize that not all decisions are good decisions;)  I send a huge apology to my mom and dad for having to listen to the New Kids on the Block for hours on end.  You have more patience than I do.

As I grew through adolescence I enjoyed a variety of music.  I liked, and still like country music, rap, R & B, rock and hip-hop.  My ipod consists of so many different types of music.  I am the queen of impromptu dance parties and spoon (or hairbrush) microphones.  Whenever I play music I feel empowered, free, and energized!  Various songs bring back memories from the past years of my life; some good, some bad and some painful, but no matter what the song I have the chance to be lost in a daydream for just a few minutes, and take a break from real life.


Magical Me Makeover Day 3 Questions

Who is your favorite musician/band/musical artist?  What draws you to their music?  What draws you to them as a person/people?  Do you dislike anything about them?  How do you feel when you listen to their music?  Does it bring back any memories?  Notice your body sensations as you think about listening to their music.  What is your body telling you?


KISS showed up to my Halloween party one year!


The real members of KISSphoto taken from www.monsterafterparty.com

The real members of KISS
photo taken from www.monsterafterparty.com