I have spent my years being what people would call a “go-getter” or an “over-achiever.”  In high school I was involved in many activities such as cheerleading, tennis, year book committee,  marching band – you know – all those activities that you never do after high school.  I never did anything half-way and I excelled in every activity I participated in.  I gave it my all –  my heart, my soul, and my energy.  
After high school I attended your traditional four year college to obtain my Bachelors Degree – I finished it in three years.  I immediately began my Masters Degree program and finished that in record time.  I completed what should have been six years of schooling in five years and graduated at 23 years old with my Masters Degree.  
At this point most people struggle with the job search.  Not me – I had a full-time job in my career field already started six months prior to graduating with my Master’s Degree.  I worked at that facility for five years – every two years being promoted to a higher position.  
Upon leaving that facility I opened my private mental health practice. I went to every training possible to learn all the skills I needed to be the best therapist I could be.   My practice is thriving and has been for the past ten years.  I continue to own and operate that practice, but hey, I needed more so….I became a licensed tattoo artist and opened a high end tattoo studio.
My life has evolved so far over the past five years, and it only continues to become more and more exciting as time progresses.  I have found an excellent balance between working as a therapist and running my private practice, working as a tattoo artists and running my tattoo studio, being a single mom of three bouncy children, and working on my Ph.D.  Now I want to work to empower all of you who don’t think you can have it all because you can have it all and more.