Rehab Program for Perfection?

I recently underwent a major surgery.  Have no fear – I am fine and have no residual medical issues except my ever so slow recovery.  During my LONG time sitting at home I did some personal reflection.  You know, that examine yourself, inner peace crap….yeah.  I read a lot of books.  When I returned to work I had a revelation.  All the books I read discussed perfectionism, letting perfectionism go, and feeling good about it.

Holy crap, right?  I already knew I was a perfectionist, but I really had no idea the effect it had on my life.  For example, I can never complete a project unless I know I did it correctly and to the best of my ability.  So what happens?  My projects never gets completed and they feel utterly overwhelming to me!  For example, I have a love/hate relationship with myself when I purchase a new journal.  Part of me is so excited to write and write in it, and the other side of me does not want to mess it up….how do I solve that problem?  I bought Keri Smith’s journal “Wreck This Journal.”  Needless to say…..I still haven ‘t had the courage to mess it up even with permission from the author.

How does one let perfectionism go when it has been a part of their life for so long?  I am guessing that I am not the only person who struggles with this issue since there seems to be a number of books related to the topic on the market.  Do you know how much work it is for a perfectionist to not be perfect?  A LOT!

I am sure you are wondering what “steps,” (totally therapist terminology – blah), I am taking to work through this.  One major change I have undergone is realizing that you can’t make everyone happy.  If you work so hard at making other people happy you will become stressed out, frazzled, and sad.  Saying “no” and prioritizing my life have also been a big change I implemented.  Identifying what is important to ME in my life is another major adjustment I have made.

I still have a long way to go to move out of my perfectionist thinking patterns (therapist term again – sorry).  The most important part of releasing the perfectionism to identifying it.  It’s there – everyday, and I have to consciously work on it – much like a person who is quitting smoking.

Now that I wrote this blog on perfectionism I am feeling a little stressed about posting it because of what people will think because it might not be perfect- well guess what – I don’t care….I am not even going to proof read it…yep – embracing the imperfections…..


My first visit to Target after my surgery....far from perfection...but having a great time!

My first visit to Target after my surgery….far from perfection…but having a great time!



  1. Great article. Perfectionism is a big challenge for many and all we can do is our best to relax and enjoy life…which you seem to do well and that is an inspiration!!

  2. Lynn Wells says:

    This is something I work on everyday. I constantly strive to celebrate progress in my projects rather than the outcome. I TOTALLY get this!

  3. Jennifer Riziq says:

    Loved ur freedom at the end. Good for u. That is heck of a fabulous wig. That takes courage. 🙂

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