Finding Balance

I have been working extremely hard at school.  As most of you know I am working toward earning my Doctorate degree and it has been beyond mentally draining!  As part of the program I have to write a dissertation.  Most students struggle with developing a dissertation idea and have a hard time even getting going on the research for their dissertation.  Not me.  I have a zillion ideas and I could explode!  However, while I was printing a number of previous research articles (I know it is not eco-friendly, but I am so old-school with some things) I realized that I was not honoring myself.  You see, the concept I have for my dissertation is related to creativity and the work place.  Sounds fascinating, right?  As I watched my printer print the word “creativity” over and over again I had this ephiny…I was not honoring my creative instincts.

At some point this past winter I lost myself in the winter blues – which was a long period of time since it was an extremely long winter in the North.  I moved throughout a day doing what was expected of me; completing my housework, schoolwork, and loving my family.  Notice how I didn’t mention taking care of my creative me?  I had no balance.

I have discovered that life is about balance.  Too much of something is never good.  Whatever you have too much of you eventually become tired of.  It was like my Special K bar kick last summer.  I loved those things.  I got into the habit of eating one everyday…now I can’t stand the sight of them!  I had TOO MUCH!  I believe balance is one of the most important pieces to living playfully and peacefully.  Honoring all parts of yourself and caring for each one creates balance.  Sometimes one part of you might need a little more attention than another part.  Give that part of you what it needs.  Don’t question or hesitate.  Honor and balance.  Live playfully and peacefully each day!

A relaxing night on the patio.  Creating a little balance in my life!

A relaxing night on the patio. Creating a little balance in my life!

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