Mind Blown

I have not written a blog post forever – ok not forever, but it has been since February.  I am sure you all wonder where I went.  As you all know I am working on my Doctorate degree.  The months of February and March were a test of my true desire to earn my Doctorate.  I spent an unrealistic amount of time studying philosophy…at a Doctoral level.  Needless to say my mind was blown!

Those of you who are right-brained thinkers, like myself, imagine trying to read, interpret, and write scholarly papers about ancient philosophers.  My creativity was completely shut-off, which I didn’t know could happen!  (If you ever have too many creative ideas I highly recommend reading philosophy…it will stop all creativity in it’s tracks)!  I had a break from classes last week, and it was amazing how my brain began firing off new, creative ideas.  Be prepared for fun, new blog posts to come!

How I think....

How I think….

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