My Favorite Toy

Growing up I remember my favorite toy as my Barbie dream house.  My mother still has the dream house, intact, in her basement.  My children play with it when they visit grandma’s house.  What I loved about the Barbie dream house was the ability to set the furniture up however I wanted.  I could put the couch in the kitchen and the bed in the bathroom.  There were no rules or boundaries.  It was my house and I made the decisions.  I lived in a world of creativity and originality.  The Barbie dream house had its limitations, however.  It was a two-story house, and there were no stairs or elevator.  I was frustrated at times because my dream house wasn’t a reality.  I was reminded that even though it was called a “dream house” it still had its imperfections.

Last Christmas Santa left my daughter a Barbie dream house.  It is still just as magical to me…..and Santa’s elves even put in an elevator:)


This is what my Barbie dream house looks like. Mine is a lot more played with. It is missing 90% of the outside plants!


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