My Favorite Superhero/Villain

I am not a big fan of superheros or villains.  My children, however, love them.  I have always been drawn to one character, a villain, Poison Ivy.  Poison Ivy has always had a mysterious way about her.  She is sexy, seductive, and an eco-terrorist.  She uses natural resources versus manufactured items as her weapon.  At one point, Poison Ivy creates a beautiful island full of botanical plants, and plans to live there is happiness until it is destroyed.

Poison Ivy strikes me as a villain who is looking for something in her life, but continues to fail at finding it.  When she does, it is destroyed, indicating she is doomed to fail.  She continues to fight back, and never gives up.  Poison Ivy is often betrayed by her “friends,” but continues to care for them (by not killing Harley Quinn).

Interestingly enough, Poison Ivy was created by her professor, named Jason (my hubby’s name), and she is best friends with villain, Harley Quinn (Harley is my daughter’s name).  That is strictly coincidence and not planned on my part.


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