My Favorite Cartoon Character

I have never been a big cartoon lover.  Even when I as a child I did not get up early on Saturday mornings to watch the cartoons.  It wasn’t until I had my first child did I fall in love with a cartoon character – in fact five cartoon characters.  My daughter began watching “The Backyardigans” when she was 16 months old (yes I let my child under the age of five watch TV).  They were on everyday at 11:00 am, and they were like her best friends!  She made up a dance, and she cried when the show was done.  She loved them – and so did I.

The concept of “The Backyardigans” was fabulous!  There were five friends; Tyrone, Tasha, Uniqua, Austin and, my favorite, Pablo, who all met in the backyard to play each day.  Their backyard transformed into whatever their imaginations created!  They were pirates, deep-sea divers, astronauts – you name it they imagined it!  The show integrated dance, creativity and, of course, a life lesson into every episode.  When they were done playing it was time for a snack.  I loved it!  The concept was great!

So in answering my question for the day…what I liked about these cartoon characters was their ability to freely imagine, play, and learn – exactly what a child (and person) should be doing!  They were caring, friendly and excited – except Tasha – she was always the friend who had to have her way (who doesn’t have one of those), but was quickly taught that wasn’t how to behave.  These cartoon characters believed in themselves, and that they could accomplish anything.

“The Backyardigans” is no longer on a regular viewing schedule, but when I am flipping channels and happen to run across it all three kids, and even my husband, run in to watch it.  We love that show!  It will always be a part of our household:)

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