NICU Top Ten (in honor of Prematurity Awareness Month)

One important fun fact about me is that ALL 3 of my beautiful children were born prematurely.  Each year my family works hard to support the March of Dimes through the March for Babies, and by donating time and funds to the NICU Family Support Program at our local hospital.  Typically I like to use my blog to share fun ideas, thoughts, and my creative works.  Today I feel it is important to dedicate my blog to all the mom’s and dad’s of premature babies in honor of November being Prematurity Awareness Month. Being the mother of babies who has been in the NICU, and knowing the aspects of the NICU I felt that I needed to speak the truth, but mix in a little humor.

The NICU Top Ten According to Nikki:

1.  You are your child’s advocate.  Always be their voice because they cannot speak.

2.  No person will ever know what it is like to leave their baby in the hospital until it happens to you.  Nothing will make it better, and that is ok.

3.  After you leave the NICU any beeping sound creates instant panic within you – even if it is only a dump truck backing up.

4.  You are officially the best hand-washer and germ-buster in the area.

5.  When your baby is discharged from the NICU they should put “Dr.” in front of your name for all the medical terms and conditions you now know exist.

6.  You change your vision of the “perfect” birth and homecoming.  You realize it is perfect just to bring you baby home.

7.  You celebrate EVERY milestone of your baby.  Even if it is “just” the opening of the eyes.

8.  You are the best poopy diaper changer in town since you did it so long through tiny doors in the isolette, and around all the tubes hooked to your baby.

9.  Newborn diapers seem HUGE to you.

10.  You never have tangled up Christmas lights anymore – heck – you kept all your baby’s cords un-tangled in the NICU – why can’t you apply that to basic household items?

So there it is – what I learned from the NICU.  It has been almost 5 years since my last child was in the NICU, but it is an experience that you never forget.  Here is to my happy and health babies!

Please support The March of Dimes and celebrate World Prematurity Awareness Day on November 17, 2012!

Our family at the 2012 March for Babies. Those are my three peanuts growing up happy and healthy thanks to the NICU and the March of Dimes!

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