Dance on that Table!

Throughout our lives I worry that too many people suppress who they actually are for fear of “not fitting in.”  We are often afraid of being judged by others and because of that we miss out on many great adventures in our lives.  Those adventures may be something small or something big, but either way we are not experiencing them because of the FEAR of judgement.

So I am a table dancer.  Yep.  I am the person that jumps up on a table and dances if I love the song.  I go crazy.  I throw my hair, my arms, legs.  I take the moment in, and I am extremely carefree about it.  I will do this in a crowd full of people or by myself at home (I am also a mirror dancer – I totally rock at dancing and must witness it from time to time)!  Of course I hear the whispers in the crowd talking about my mad table dancing skills.  You know they are saying things like “she is so immature” or “she is just trying to get attention.”  So I pose the question:  am I attention seeker or the life of the party?  I always like to think I am the life of the party, but I don’t care if people think I am seeking attention.  I am not.  I am just living in the moment.  And you know what?  I bet those those people whom are judging me are silently wishing they had the guts to dance on the table too.  But they don’t – because they fear the judgement.

So my message today is simple – dance on that table like EVERYONE is watching and be sure to give them a great show!  Feel the freedom of life – dance on that table.  Take the risk.  Feel free.  Let the judgements of others roll off your body with the beat of the music.  Live in the moment and don’t miss out on anything life has to offer.

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